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Português Língua de Acolhiment(PLA) LEVEL A1+A2 INTENSIVE COURSE

Working From a Cafe







You will be placed on our waiting list and give you priority access  once we launch our June Timetables.

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Note: We try our best to provide our courses as many people as possible. Due to high demand and limited places available our APRIL & MAY sessions are fully booked. after registering your interest we suggest sending us an email to

We will be able to assist you sooner and provide all information. First come basis. 

IMPORTANT!  Complete the form bellow with accurate details as shown on your residence card or passports. This is important as all these details will be share to relevant awarding bodies.  Any mistakes will cause delays on registrations and may apply extra admin charges. 

Please complete the form to register for language course with us. Registering your interest does not mean you have enrolled to the class. Edpro will communicate all information, timetables and service charges by email.

Your identity and personal information are valuable. We protect your privacy and process your personal information in line with data protection legislation including the General Data Protection Regulation. Your personal information will only be seen by those who have a legitimate reason for seeing it. You can find details about the personal information we hold, how we protect it, who we pass it to and how you can get a copy of that information and other rights in our Privacy Information Notice on our website.

Residency Status
Educational Qualification
What Session do you plan on participating
Any previous knowledge of Portuguese Language
Medium of instruction. Basic English required to attend lessons
Is this your first time registering?
Preferred language A1/A2 clas schdedule
Are you interested for any other higher degree course from us?
How did you hear about us?
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Please Note: For online class you required a computer/tablet or smart phone with reliable internet connection)

Medium of Instruction is English. Students are required basic knowledge of English. See our classes expectation policies.

Edpro as a promoter entity provides this course in Partnership with regulated entities and Qualifica Centers. Courses are monitored for validation and certification.

This registration provided is to check your eligibility. Places are confirmed once the learners agreed with their timetables, classes policy and service charges payment are completed. An email confirmation will be sent to the learner. 

I have read and agreed with Edpro policies and
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