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Our Story

Associação EdPro started from the heart of professional migrants, enabling successful transformations through learning, professional development and empowerment of communities to improve people’s lives.


Our model provides support on education, developing communication skills, social cohesion, and community development programs through strategic partnerships.

EDPRO is a community too, and we strive for the highest quality of programs and learning courses and committed to a culture of equality, inclusion, diversity by supporting our people and our partners to help create positive change. 


Our Vision


Empowering and strengthening economic freedom through quality education


Facilitating and promoting greater social cohesion, professional and civic integration across society


Unlocking potential without the barriers of affordability, age, sex, locations or background.


Effective teaching and learning through on campus and online.

Lecture Hall Tutor

Associação EdPro is a community oriented social enterprise, led by social entrepreneurs and driven by social needs.


Our Values

Our  commitment and values are aligned to the needs of our people.


People first.


Respect individual rights.


Ensure quality education aligned to the local labour market.


Diversity and Inclusion.


Promoting participatory citizenship through social, cultural and economic dimension.


Extend co-operations & collective responsibility.

EdPro's Partnership

Our commitment is to give quality, innovation and excellence in teaching and learning. Associação EdPro partners with leading educational organization in Portugal, UK and NGOs helping connect people with communities in need.

We are very thoughtful about our partners and look for some qualities to share our mission working with communities to empower education and address their needs. More partners updating soon. 

Our Business Model



Our courses and programs must have a  positive impact on people’s education and well-being.


We are committed to provide the best learning experience, innovative quality resources to build a better future.


Economic Freedom 

Giving  accessibility to education and learning experience without the barriers of cost and location. 

Vocational and Professional courses

  • Certified PLA Portuguese Language Course Level A1-A2.
  • Foundation programmes
  •  Undergraduate programmes
  •  Postgraduate programmes
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"We pride our Courses and programs have Quality, Standard & Recognitions by awarding bodies, Qualifica Centers and are recognised globally".

Meeting Room

Board of Governance & Team

EdPro’s Board of Governance & Operations Team are professionals with over 15 years’ experience in the field of higher education, management, wellbeing, logistics and tourism working within communities and organizations in Europe, Asia and the UK.

Their commitment is on working to safeguard the organization, creating strategic Plan, implementing strategic and regulatory requirements across their areas.  All responsible in achieving the organizations social mission and ensuring the organization is viable.

Our Objectives

Providing world class training, specialised vocational courses, professional studies, consultancy and certification in the field of Business & Management and service sector to the unskilled and underprivileged, especially migrant community from non-native speakers. Also empowering and strengthening social, cultural, professional and civic integration, employment and mobility and building strong market oriented workforce.

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