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Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA)

EdPro Association known in Portuguese (Associação Edpro)
Organization of Learning and Professional Development 


Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) 
applicable for Portuguese citizenship


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Provides Intensive Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) Course Level A1/A2 required for Citizenship, All-in-one platform.

Why Joining us?

In Class/ Online Education
Students can expand, adapt and advance their communication skills at fast pace with teachers can interpreter their body language and tone of voice to unlock their potential
Weekly Live webinar 
We offer a wide range of  support and resources specifically designed to help you integrate with the Portuguese Society and  get the most of this course to help you learn faster and efficiently. 
Social & Community Events
We provide opportunities on a weekly or monthly basis bringing people together, helping to facilitate local awareness and the life and culture of Portugal and improve their mental wellbeing.
Dedicated support team
You can have  access to an exclusive dedicated support team. They can help you take your course and run smoothly all the way from the beginning to end.
We provide academic courses with global recognition and professional certification with our qualifica  centre partner following the recognition, validation and certification of skills (RVCC)
Course details
  • Course Name:  Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA)

  • Level: A1/A2

  • Total hours: 150 hours

  • Duration: Intensive (7 ½ to 8 weeks)

  • Times: 9-1pm 1-4pm 5-9pm (Times varies)

  • Quantity: Max of 20 students per session.

  • Classes Online:  Live classes (For migrants in Portugal only) Learners must be able to have reliable internet access and the use of laptop, phone or tablet.

  • Classes | In Campus:  Location: Rua Dom Afonso Henriques 2 2620-080 Póvoa de Santo Adrião, Odivelas, Lisboa, Portugal. 

  • Materials: Edpro provides free resources during class, we have live webinar and events. 

Course Curriculum 

The PLA courses that certify level A1 + A2 – Elementary User are organized according to the following Short Training Units (UFCD):

  • UFCD 6452 – Me and my daily routine.                                 

  • UFCD 6453 – Eating habits, culture and leisure.                      

  • UFCD 6454 –   The human body, health and services   

  • UFCD 6455 –  Me and the job market                                            

  • UFCD 6456 –  My past and my present                                         

  • UFCD 6457 –   Communication and life in society     

Class in Progress

Easy and Effective Learning Tools

Our learners

We empower online learning and in campus. Our PLA course are aimed to learners who are non- Portuguese speakers living in Portugal, wants to learn the Portuguese language, integrate and contribute within the Portuguese Society.

Here at Edpro Association we welcome all learners from any nationality. Our most common learners who have joined our PLA courses are from: 

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United Kingdom
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Frequently ask questions. 

  1. What are the Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) courses?


Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) courses (formerly known as Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages (PFOL) or Portuguese for All (PPT)), created within the scope of Ordinance No. 183/2020, of 5 August (amended by Ordinance No. 184/2022, published on 21st July), aim to respond to migrant’s needs concerning Portuguese language learning.

These courses certify levels A1 + A2 (Elementary User) according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Reference ACM Alto Comissariado para as Migrações Fundo de Asilo, Migração e integração - União Europeia

2. Who can attend Português Língua de Acolhimento PLA courses?


PLA courses are aimed at adults, aged 16 years or more, whose mother language is not Portuguese and/or who do not have basic, intermediate or advanced skills in Portuguese, according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFRL).

The recipients referred to in the previous paragraph must hold a residence permit, under the terms of the national legislation applicable to foreign citizens, or must present one of the following documents:

a) Proof that a procedure has been initiated for the extension of stay in national territory or for the granting or renewal of a residence permit;

b) Proof of submission of an application for international protection or temporary protection.

c) Proof of attribution of the Social Security Identification Number (NISS).

3 - PLA courses are also addressed to holders of short-term visas for seasonal work, temporary stay or residence, in accordance with national legislation applying to foreign citizens.

More information please do check Ordinance no. 183/2020 of 5 August.  

3. How long are the courses certifying level A (A1 + A2) - Elementary User?

The courses that certify level A (A1 + A2) have a maximum of 150 hours.  

4. What is the typical learner’s profile?


We welcome every learner from any level and any background.


5. If I complete the Português Língua de Acolhimento (PLA) course successfully, do I have to take the Portuguese Language Exam, commonly known as the "Nationality Exam"?


No. Here at Edpro Association. After you complete 150 hours and comply with our learner's expectation policies you are exempted from taking the Portuguese Language Exam.

Note: Edpro Association provides quality education and partners with government awarding bodies to accredit the certificates. We follow the RVCC process. Learners must follow our policies in order to validate this course. Please check our Learners Expectations policies for Portuguese language course.



6. After completing the A1+A2 level (Elementary User) at Edpro Association, the certificate received is accepted when applying for Portuguese Nationality?

Yes. The learner will receive a valid certificate (upon successfully completing the course) accepted in the application for citizenship.

Learners prior to start this course must agree on the timetable and our Learners expectation policies. It is paramount for us and our partners to provide quality education.

Please note: Edpro Association does not provides certificates for PLA. Our partners which are goverment entities, public/ private and Qualifica Centre are the entities who will execute RVCC Process and validate the course.

7. How do I know the certificate is valid?

Edpro association partners are the only entities who will provide and validate the course with their RVCC process. The certificate will certify under Edpro's partners Qualifica Centres.  

8 . Is there any cost of the course?

Yes. We have a small service charge that it’s affordable to everyone. 

One of our missions at Edpro it’s to provide affordable education available to everyone. We are providing intensive course aimed to be completed within 8-10 weeks, with or qualify Portuguese Native teachers that are verify by our Partners Qualifica Centres and are able to speak and give instruction in English, free resources, live webinar, cultural events to enrich the skills and help you to communicate and navigate the language faster.

Please note: Once you are registered with us. Edpro Association will contact the students and provide with more details start dates, timetable and instructions. 

join US

We are here to help you integrate with the society, professional development and help communities in need. 

Immersive experience to learn European Portuguese

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