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certificates policy & procedures

PLA (Português Língua de Acolhimento) certificates.


Once the learners complete their course successfully, they will receive a valid certificate (applicable for nationality) by our exclusive partners, awarding bodies in Portugal. 

Certificates are issued and validated by our partners awarding body.


How would this be issued?

Learners receive their certificates by original paper printed version (Stamped and signed by the respective authority) is completely free of charge to all learners and is one of the many value-added services we provide to support customers.

How long would it take to receive the certificate?

During the process of validation of Learners learning and certificates will have to go through many procedures for registration and validation with the respective awarding body or entities for its validity. It can take max 4 weeks. (Depending on the workload of Portuguese system and calendar).

Normally our students receive their certificates within 2-3 weeks. You will receive an email with a soft copy PDF once the certificate is ready to be collected.


How can you collect the certificates?

Learners must collect the certificates in person at our HQ in Lisbon.

Our Address:

Rua Dom Afonso Henriques 2

2620-080 Póvoa de Santo Adrião, Odivelas, Lisboa, Portugal. 

Office Hours: Monday to Saturday
between 09:00 – 18:00 (UTC)‎


For security reasons, learners must bring a photo I.D in order received the certificate.

Please note: We do NOT give the certificates to any other person if you cannot attend.

If you cannot attend, a written authorization must be given.

Can the certificates be delivered by Post?

Yes, if the learner cannot collect the certificate, it can be delivered (Local in Portugal & International) by secure post at additional charges. Edpro use DHL courier services.

Additional charges:

-Admin fees 40 Euros.

-Cost of delivery local & Worldwide by DHL express (Pre-paid cost by learners)

-Cost for replacement 30 Euros.


Please note: Edpro will not be responsible if the certificates are missed during the delivery by the courier service. Edpro makes sure to provide the highest secure courier service in order to be delivered successfully.


Prior of sending the documents by DHL courier services, Edpro will provide a PDF copy of the certificate to the learner by email and request to complete the respective form for authorization.

After form submission, Edpro will send you an email confirmation and invoice of additional charges if applies. 

Authorization form and Delivery of certificates

Please complete this form accurate, if the certificate needs to be collected by a person on your behalfor be delivered by a courier service.

Do you authorize Edpro to send your certificate by post?
Upload File
Upload File

Address where the certificate needs to be delivered

Do you authorize someone else to collect the certifcate on your behalf?
Upload File

Thanks for submitting!

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