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cLASSES expectations policy

Expected Language for Portuguese course.

​For learners to attend our Portuguese Language course. We do expect to have a minimum understanding of English language to follow teachers Instructions as a universal language. In most classes we try to facilitate Native Portuguese qualified teachers that speak English and many other languages to be able to understand and guide students. Bare in mind our classes will be 80% spoken in European Portuguese, However our teachers will  also communicate, instruct and guide the students in English for better communication and understanding. 

​In order for us and our awarding body to provide quality education and recognition, verification and certification process RVCC, there are certain rules a learners must follow during the lessons:


Learners require attending classes and having a minimum attendance of 90% + either online or in campus. If learners do not attend the lesson will be removed from the course automatically.  The trainee in accordance with the legal procedures may not, under any circumstances, miss more than 10% of the number total hours of the course in which you are enrolled, as provided for in the Training Program.

Uses of technology


1. Devices & Internet

For online classes, learners should have a reliable internet connection and the uses of phone, tablet or laptop. Edpro Association is not responsible and does not provide internet, either technology devices.

2 Camera

For online classes, learners must have CAMERAS ON AT ALL TIMES  in order for the teacher to fully interact during the classes and verify your attendance.

3 Participation during classes.

For us it is important to provide quality education and it is mandatory our learners have full participation in our lessons. We do understand that many students are shy to speak other languages.  

Our teaching methods are interactive and immersive experience, so our students don’t feel bored, learn faster and gain knowledge of the language faster.

1.3.1        Learners should interact with teacher during lessons.

1.3.2        Learners should be in a space where there is no disruption of lessons.

1.3.3        Learners should be attentive and follow teacher’s instructions.

1.3.4        Learners should not be driving, not be cooking, neither working while on lessons.

1.3.5        Learners should do the activities given by the teacher.

1.3.6        Learners should have full attention and be eager to learn the language. Participation is a MUST.  

Please note: Learners must understand and follow and comply these expectations in order to complete their course succesfully  and validation.

Edpro Association and their partners provide quality education and follow the RVCC process, We do monitor our training and education . Edpro and their partners will not be responsible for any losses, damage or not receive of their certificate if learners do not follow our policy. 

Learner's rights

  •  Participate in the action in harmony with the defined programs, methodologies and work processes;

  • Have access to facilities, equipment and materials compatible with the typology of the action in question;

  • Know the Training Regulations of the Training Entity, available at

  • Receive free of charge at the end of the action a certificate proving the attendance and/or success obtained, according to the defined templates.

2. The duties of the trainee are 

  • Be assiduous and punctual;

  • Do not disturb the normal course of working sessions;

  • To take the knowledge assessment tests to which he/she may be submitted;

  • Refrain from the practice of any act that may result in damage or discredit to the Entities involved in the

development of the action;

5. Changes
For operational reasons or due to the temporary unavailability of the trainers, Edpro reserves the right to one-off adjustments in terms of schedules, training locations and schedules, which will be duly communicated and to all participants.

Expected Language for Higher/ Professional qualifications.


Most of our Higher/ professional qualifications are taught and assessed in English.  For learners to be successful on our qualifications it is critical that they have an appropriate level of English language skills. 


  • Leaners before joining our courses will have to provide necessary evidence to prove their individual learner proficiency.


  • Learners are expected to be able to demonstrate English language comprehension at a level equivalent to IELTS (International English Language Testing System) 5.5 to be able to study our qualifications.

  • These English language entry requirements apply to all non-native English speakers as our qualifications and trainings are taught and assessed in English.

Learner's expectations policies reviewed August 2023.


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