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Service Charges Policy

The Edpro Invoicing Policy aims to make clear to our all EdPro Association stakeholders, learners, and Centres who are endorsed in our learning platform on how invoices are issued, the terms of payment and consequences of non-payment.


EdPro Policy statement


  • Process all learner registration invoices and for other services requested.

  • Require all service charges to be due for payment immediately upon receipt.

  • Not be able to provide any services without receiving payment.



Late registration fee


Learner at Edpro Association should pay invoice no later of 7 working days from the date of invoice and whichever is earlier. EdPro Associação may ask to provide copy of payment evidence for each learner. Late registration fees of  (30 Euros) is applicable if invoice its paid after the 5 working days of invoicing issue date. We required this for all administrative purpose.


Payment Terms:


Learners must pay all invoices / service charges immediately upon receipt and prior of attending any classes. If there is an installment arrangement, outstanding balance must be paid 15 working days (2 weeks) before course starts. Learners who have paid 1st Installment and failed to clear their outstanding balance, will not be eligible for a refund of their 1st instalment due to administrative charges. 


Non-payment of invoices and service charges. 


 Edpro  may refuse to provide learners any further services until such amount is paid. This may include, refusal to register learners and not providing their certificates.  If outstanding payment is not made, learners would not receive log in deatails or access the classes. 

Methods of Payment


 All payments are payable by Bank/Wire/Online Transfer to Edpro's designated bank account, which is published on our website.

Learners will receive and email confirmation upon payment is done. Invoices can be provided upon request. 


  • We DO NOT accept cash, debit/credit card, cheque and banker's draft If you have any queries on invoices and payments or any other financial matter; you can contact at:

Instalment Plan

Our mission is to make our courses accessible and affordable to everyone. You can opt for two instalment plan of 50% to book your place and 50% outstanding balance payable 15 days before course starts. Subject to change at any time. 




Learner registrations, certificates and other purchases on the Site are NOT eligible for a refund. 

Please note: Once learners confirm their chosen timetable, it cannot be changed as it's being registered to the relevant authority, verifications, deregister, causes administrative charges. Classes are not transferable & non- refundable.

Only certain exceptions are eligible for refund if learners contact Edpro within 3 weeks in advance were Edpro Associação has registered a learner in error or for incorrect course. Refunds will be made by the same method as used for payment.

Learners should check and provide correct details upon registration. Edpro Associação does not accept any responsibility for learners registering error. 

Weather a course is cancelled, or transferred to a different training day the amount of the registration fee is transferred to another date.


If transferred date is not suitable for the learner EdPro Associação will issued a voucher valid for 6 months of the same amount paid on the invoice.

Edpro Association. Service charges Policy review date April 2023

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