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Portuguese Host Language (PLA) Courses Level A1/A2  For Citizenship

Portuguese Host Language (PLA) Courses Level A1/A2
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Why taking PLA courses with us?

Here at EdPropt we recognized that every migrant should have the opportunity to learn Portuguese Language faster and more effective way for greater social and labour integration in Portugal, without the barriers of time, cost and location.

Our platform give learners the opportunity to access our Intensive course A1/A2  for (7-9 weeks) , combined with face to face & online (live /Offline) classes with our qualified teacher.

Learners will participate in our weekly webinars, community & social events and more to strengthen their Portuguese communication all-in-one accessible platform.

Edpropt delivers this course in partnership with qualifica centers.

What are the Portuguese Host Language (PLA) courses?

The Portuguese Host Language (PLA) courses (formerly known as Portuguese for Speakers of Other Languages (PFOL) or Portuguese for All (PPT)), created within the scope of Ordinance No. 183/2020, of 5 August (amended by Ordinance No. 184/2022, published on 21st July), aim to respond to migrant’s needs concerning Portuguese language learning.

These courses certify levels A1 + A2 (Elementary User)  according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR).

Who can attend PLA courses?

PLA courses are aimed at citizens, aged 16 or over, whose native language is not Portuguese and/or who do not have basic, intermediate or advanced skills in Portuguese language according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR), regardless of their legal situation in the country.

The beneficiaries must have a residence permit, in accordance with the national legislation applicable to foreign citizens. 

How long are the courses certifying level A (A1 + A2) - Elementary User?

The courses that certify level A (A1 + A2) have a maximum of 150 hours.  Here at EDPRO we will provide intensive and flexible course where you can meet the required hours and complete succesfully the course at the short period of time.  Either online and face to face. 

Course Curriculum

The PLA courses that certify level A1 + A2 – Elementary User are organised according to the following Short Training Units (UFCD):

Level                                                                                                         Number of hours

A1 – Elementary User      

UFCD 6452 – Me and my daily routine                                     25h

UFCD 6453 – Eating habits, culture and leisure                   25h

UFCD 6454 – The human body, health and services          25h

A2 – Elementary User        

UFCD 6455 – Me and the job market                                        25h

UFCD 6456 – My past and my present                                     25h

UFCD 6457 – Communication and life in society                 25h

Course Experiences

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Self-Paced Video Classes

Live Webinars

Every week

Social &

Community Events

Dedicated Course

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Our Community

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Outdoor Portrait

Satish Kumar

Edpropt allowed me an opportunity to excel my communication in Portuguese and further Professional education. I appreciate the flexibility this organization has shown without sacrificing excellence

Smiling Portrait

Tatiana Sokolov

The Portuguese Language course was dynamic and intense, really enjoyed. The knowledge, and skills that acquired through EdproPT played a significant role in my next career step. Thank you EdproPT you have given me the opportunity of making my dreams become into reality.


Abdul Moin

The course structure flows very easy. Also gave me the flexibility and affordability to fit into my lifestyle. Tutors are really helpful and I have completed Level A1/A2  and look forward for more courses to expand my career.  Service its amazing and they do really care about immigrants. Thank You!!


  • About the Course (PLA) Portuguese Language A1/A2
    How do I know if this course is right for me? After reviewing the information on this course on this page, you can download a copy brochure of this course too. If you still have questions whether this course is the right level for you please email, and a dedicated course advisor will be in contact and help you shortly. Are there any prerequisites for this course? No prerequisites. If you are uncertain about course and your capabilities, please email us at for assistance Can you provide future dates for this PLA Portuguese Language Course? Always check our website and social media platforms for future dates and events or email to inquire for future dates or the timeline. What is the typical learner’s profile? We welcome every learner from any level and any background. If I complete the PLA course successfully, do I have to take the Portuguese Language Exam, commonly known as the "Nationality Exam"? No. If you obtain a certificate at level A2 – Elementary User, Learner is exempted from taking the Portuguese Language Exam. Is the A2 level (Elementary User) certificate accepted when applying for Portuguese Nationality? Yes. Is the A2 level (Elementary User) certificate accepted in the application for the permanent residence permit? Yes.

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